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OGS Disclaimer

1. Our Product

  • OGS practises “Proximity Buying” selecting produce and products from Ontario, then Quebec, BC, North America and the beyond.
  • OGS carries many nuts in the bulk section of our store, therefore contamination could occur.
  • OGS wants to know when and if produce is unsatisfactory, so that we can continually improve upon our services.
  • All baskets and glass bottles must be returned weekly or a fee will apply.
  • OGS must be notified within 24 hours if you have not received an item that you ordered so that you can be compensated on your next delivery.
  • OGS is not able to refund food, only substitute with other selections.
  • OGS is not responsible for your choices or use of our delivery service.

2. Basket Delivery Program and Billing

  • If you are on holidays that billing period will move up one week.
  • OGS tries to deliver on our scheduled date at our scheduled time range, however depending on the time we receive our order and depending on the weather and depending on the clientele delivery list for any particular date, delivery times may fluctuate.
  • Prices may fluctuate with the cost of food and fuel, however, you will be notified on our ordering website when the service fee changes.
  • If you are cancelling you must complete the committed session.
  • Committed delivery service sessions last 4 weeks of delivery, before being billed for the next session.
  • OGS delivers who orders per delivery, for partial orders, baskets must be picked up, or it is cost prohibitive.
  • OGS is not responsible for your choices or use of our delivery service.
  • OGS asks that all customers be thoughtful of the weather and other variables. Therefore if you are not going to be home to receive the basket, please leave out a cooler to prevent loss, or make alternative arrangements to pick up your basket.
  • OGS reserves the right to decide where, within the Niagara Region, they will deliver, depending on the number of active customers within a community and/or municipality.

3. Specials Offers

  • OGS customers receive 25% off on all additional purchases, beyond the basket service, as members.
  • OGS encourages the savings program that members receive if they take advantage of the 25% discount in additional sales and items added to their weekly basket.
  • OGS can provide the basket service as gifts from member’s to family and/or friends.