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Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Organic General Store Basket Service work?

The Organic General Store receives fresh organic produce every Thursday and it goes out to our customers, FRESH every Thursday.

Members of this program get one basket per week for four weeks. You receive, at your home, 10 different types of items weekly, usually two different types of fruits and eight different types of vegetables, some to be eaten raw and some requiring cooking – for lots of choice and diversity. We deliver to customers throughout the Niagara Region. Our members not only enjoy a wide variety of fresh organic produce conveniently delivered to their home, but they also benefit by receiving 25% off on all regular priced items at the Organic General Store.

Registration and Logging In

  • To register for The Organic General Store’s Basket Service, simply click on the “register here” link on the login page.
  • Fill in all of the required fields.
  • Sign up for PayPal billing by logging in and completing the PayPal subscription process.
  • Now you are ready to shop!
Logging In
  • Click on the “Log On” button on the top right.
  • Enter your user name and password, then click the “Sign in” button.
  • Click on “Your Basket” and start selecting items.

How much will my basket cost and how do I pay for it?

The membership is $160.00 every 4 weeks, renewed through PayPal at the end of the session for the next 4 week session.

How do I fill my basket?

Click on “Your Basket” and you will be presented with your selected basket items for the week. If you have not yet selected your items for this week, you will be presented with a default selection of organic goods and produce.

  • The items you have selected (or the default items if you have not selected your preferences) are shown below “Your Basket Selections”. Your basket will show you five items at a time. To view more click on the arrow at the right.
  • The available item list is directly below “Your Basket Selections”. Each of these items can be added to your basket.
  • You can browse all items listed under “Available Items”. You can sort this list of items by using the “Categories” to the left of the list.
  • To add an item to your basket, click the thumbnail image to the left of the item description.
  • To delete an item from your basket, hover over the item image in your basket and click the “X”.

Once you are happy with your selections for that week, simply click “Save your Basket”.

Can I substitute items?

When you join, tell us what you don’t like and we won’t put it in your basket. Should you wish to substitute items weekly, let us know and we can regularly substitute any of the following (all are organic and some are 1 option and some are 2 options):

  • Bread from De La Terre Bakery
  • Ontario Certified Organic Milk or Cream in Glass Bottles
  • Brick of Certified Organic Raw Milk Cheese from Quebec
  • Ontario Certified Organic or Goat Milk Yoghurt
  • Certified Organic Raw Unsalted Nuts
  • Certified Organic Dried Fruit, Flours, Grains, Pastas or Seeds
  • Certified Organic Butter, or Goat Butter, Salted or Unsalted
  • Certified Organic Juice, Almond Milk, Rice Milk or Soya Milk
  • Large or XLarge Certified Organic Free Run Brown Eggs

How can I change my delivery address?

  • Click “Your Account” on the top bar.
  • Under the “Personal Information” section, select “Edit Information”.

NOTE: The website automatically attempts to fill in and format missing details of the address. Don't forget to confirm the new information is correct under “Personal Information” after you have updated your address.

Why is the basket service unavailable?

The Organic General Store must close the basket selection process a few days before the baskets are delivered to give the staff time to order and make the baskets.

A new selection of items is then made available for selection based on our supplier's current available items.

Until this list is made available, you will be unable to select items for your next basket. An email will be sent to you when the selection process is available again.

I am away this week, can I cancel this week's basket?


  • Click “Your Basket” on the top bar.
  • Under “Your Basket Selections”, click “I do not wish to receive a basket for this week”.
  • Review the terms of cancellation. If you agree to the terms, click “Agree”.
  • You will not recieve the basket.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Since you have authorized PayPal to automatically bill you for the subscription fees, you must cancel the subscription through PayPal.

NOTE:The Organic General Store has no control over changes to the PayPal website, so please use the following as a reference. If this does not work for you, please contact PayPal support.

  • Log in to PayPal using the account authorized to send payment to the Organic General Store.
  • Click the “My Account” tab and select the “Profile” page.
  • Under “Financial Information”, select “My preapproved payments”.
  • Select the item which corresponds to the basket delivery service, and click the entry under the “Merchant” column. This should present you with the specifics of the subscription agreement.
  • To cancel the subscription, select the “Cancel” option near the top.

How can I contact The Organic General Store with specific concerns?

Click on the “Contact” link located below and send us a message.